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Lots of nice events to come!

Taipalsaari triathlon 28.-30.6.

Taipalsaari triathlon is two years old event but quickly growing year by year. Race is prepared for professionals and for amateurs. Series are duathlon and triathlon. Categories: men, women, boys 19 years and girls 19 years. The race follow nice Lake Saimaa views. Race distances are: 750m/20km/5km and 400m/10km/5km. The fee covers race permission, service, timing, race number.

Saimaan veterans’ ice-hockey tournament

The Savonlinna’s Linnan Woudit organizes Ice Hockey old-timer (veteran) tournament and the tournament is played in Savonlinna, Tanhuvaara and Rantasalmi ice hockey arenas. Age groups are: 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 60+ and 65+.

The public sporting event “I choose sport”

Every year since 2006 in St. Petersburg there is the Public sports event “I Choose Sport!” is being held, it is an event that combines the features of the exhibition and a big city holiday for children and their parents, young people and all those who love sports and active recreation.

The idea of the event is to present at the beginning of the academic year all or almost all the existing opportunities in St. Petersburg for sports and active recreation on one site. So that all interested people, can get acquainted with them and determine their sporting future for the next academic year, and maybe even for the rest of their lives. The entrance to the event is free.

All-Russian mass competition on streetbasket “Orange ball-2019”

Annual competitions “Orange ball” are held in order to popularize and further develop street basketball in St. Petersburg as one of the most popular and accessible sports, as well as to attract the public to engage in physical education and promote healthy lifestyles.

Saimaa Youth football tournament

One of the oldest junior football tournaments in Finland, first played in 1976. Now played in two weekends in Lappeenranta and Imatra at the end of September and beginning of October. 

Ages- boys 8 to 15 years, groups 10 to 14 years, played in two stage categories (A and B), girls 9 to 18 years, 8 and 9 years old played one day tournament, others two days tournament.

First part played 28 to 29 september 2019, second part played from 5 to 6 october 2019

Seminar for the leaders of the sport schools and sport centers of St.Petersburg

Promotion of Finnish sport facilities and equipment, introduction of new sport and wellness opportunities  to the different customer segments. November 2019, Tanhuvaara.

Tampere exhibition on the equipment for disabled people

Tampere exhibition is hold once in two years and is specialized on the sports and rehabilitation equipment for the disabled persons. This is perfect opportunity for the experts to check latest news in this sphere. For St.Petersburg partner this event is very important, because as soon as the Multi-functional Sports Center for the disabled persons will be built, they have to equip it with modern equipment. 

International Youth Judo tournament

10.-11.1.2019 will be held XXXIX international Herman Kare wrestling tournament in city of Kouvola. This event is traditional and last year was about 80 wrestlers from 11 different countries. 

Savonian hiihto ski-race

Annual two days Ski-race event held in Mikkeli.  Popular sportsman and politics, kids with their parents and grand parents can make their decision to participate the competition or ski for fun and enjoy the beautiful landscape.  

Kuolimo skating event

Magical Ice Skating event which collect thousands of people around Finland and Europe to make skating on Lake Kuolimo ice in Savitaipale. The routes are 5 and 10km what is possible to skate so many round as possible.  Program include fire on ice show, music and acrobatic. Friday is prepared for school age children and Saturday is planned for everyone. Saturday evening is popular with hundreds of real fires, which show light for skaters. The entry fee covers skating, warm juice and insurance. 

Happy Dolphin, kids swimming festival

Dates: annually in April; Free admission.

Sports teams of the subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign athletes are allowed to participate in the All-Russian competitions “Jolly Dolphin” All-Russian swimming competitions “Jolly Dolphin” are all-around for swimming styles. Each participant can take part in no more than two types of all-around, differing in the selected styles of swimming at 100 m. The all-around includes the following distances: 800 m freestyle, 200 m complex swimming, 100 m one of the four styles of swimming.

Tykkimäki kids football tournament

Juniors football tournament, first held in 2007 in Kouvola. 

Ages – boys and girls 7 to 12 years, 7 to 8 years old paly 1 day tournament, 9 to 12 years old  paly 2 days tournament in two categories (A and B). 

Mikkeli kids football tournament 

Approximately 4. – 5.7.2020

Junior football tournament, organized from 1987 in Mikkeli, first weekend in July.

Boys: 6 to 13 years, one day tournament for 6 to 8 years old players, 9 to 13 years old players 2 days tournament

Girls: 11 and 13 years old, 2 days tournament in two categories (A and B)

Participants: over 100 teams per year

Organizers: local club Mikkelin Kissat ry

Luonteri cycling event

Traditional cycling event for the sportsmen and amateurs, famous family event. Distances 95 km and 42 km, hold in beautiful landscape of Eastern Finland with start and finish in Anttola Spa, nearby Mikkeli. 

Kuutti Youth ice-hockey tournament

The Lappeenranta’s Saimaan Pallo (SaiPa) organizes ice hockey junior tournament and tournament is played on xx.-xx. Lappeenranta ice hockey arenas. Age groups are: E1 and E2

International Forum in St.Petersburg, organized by Tourism and Sports Committees

Forum consists of varies experts of sport and tourism, the planned number of participants is 4000. Officially supported by Russian Ministry of Sport.

International Pajulahti Games for the disabled

apr. 2021

Open All-Russia ski race “Russian ski-race 2019”

It is held annually in accordance with the Plan of official sporting events in  St. Petersburg. “Ski track of Russia” for decades brings together fans of one of the most popular sports – cross-country skiing.This large-scale winter event has a glorious history adorned with the legendary names and achievements of skiers of different generations. “The ski track of Russia” is held annually since 1982.

Such kind of events attract Russians to physical training and promote a healthy lifestyle. Along with amateurs, whose age ranges from 12 to 70 years, although there are no age limits, professional sportsmen, Olympic champions, and sports veterans traditionally also take part.

Repovesi Adventure Day

Repovesi adventure day include outdoor activities in Repovesi national park. For the program belongs skiing, skating, snowshoe walking, ice fishing and dancing. The participating fee include insurance, shower and pic nic meal. 

All-Russian mass competition “Russian Azimuth”

St. Petersburg stage of the All-Russia mass competitions in orienteering

“Russian Azimut” is held in accordance with the Plan of official sporting events in St. Petersburg in order to promote healthy lifestyles among the population of St. Petersburg;

The main tasks of the Competition are:

– attraction of working and studying youth of St. Petersburg, sportsmen of average and advanced age to regular physical training and sports;

– popularization of orienteering as one of the most popular and accessible sports.

Jussi Markkanen youth ice-hockey goalies sports camp

The camp is meaning 200x – 200x born goalies.

The camp is carried out in cooperation with Imatra Basecamp, Ketterä and SaiPa. The themes of the camp are modern goalkeeper game, game situations and their reading and skating technique.

Kymijoki race

Kymijoki race is relay race event, which start from Kouvola and continued to Kotka. Distance between start and coal is around 68km. The distance is shared to 8 parts. Each part are between 6-13km. Categories are solo series, open series for the groups and women series.  Last year was about 200 participants. The race fee covers race number, timing, service and medal. 

Sulkava rowing

50 years old Traditional weekend event for different groups of society from kids to aged people, from active sportsmen to corporation teams, everybody can find some fun for itself. The main rowing competition is on the church boats. 

MTB Imatra race

Mountain bike happening is designed for the families. Everybody, who own the mountain bike can participate the event without any licence. This is actively developing event and it is highly demanded recreational activity among different age groups.  

Competitive categories: 60km: W/M, M18, W/M40, M50, M60; 60km: W/M Fatbike; 30km: W/M , W/M16; 30km: W/M Fatbike; 10km: G/B 8, 10, 12, 14, Open  

International kids track-and-field festival

For 10 years was held Youth track and field match between East Finland, Saint-Petersburg and Karelian young athletes. Unfortunately, last few years this event was forgotten, because of different difficulties. Now we want to renew it and carry out in the format of kids festival.

International youth volleyball tournament in the memory of V. Platonov

In 2017, the International Tournament was held for the tenth time. For the last six years, it has received the status of an international sports event. It is dedicated to the memory of the great volleyball coach Vyacheslav Alekseevich Platonov, under whose leadership the USSR volleyball team won the Olympic Games, two world championships and six European championships. The tournament is held at the Platonov Volleyball Academy on Vyazovaya Street, 10, St. Petersburg. The hall seats 1.5 thousand spectators. Free admission.

Open regional basketball tournament in Memorial of Belov and Kondrashin

Venue: Sports Center “Yubileyny”

Dates: annually in September

The tournament is included in the calendar of the International Basketball Federation and is recognized as one of the best tournaments held under the auspices of FIBA-Europe.

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