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What is Vector-Sport ?

Vector Sport is a project that operates within CBC 2014-2020 South -East Finland- Russia program and aimed to create new and promote the existing events for sport tourism and well – being in the program areas as interesting and attractive for international sport tourists as well as inhabitants of both regions.

The implementation of this project will promote South- East Finland and Saint-Petersburg as centers for sports tourism and business attractive regions, that consequently will increase the number of visitors in the regions.

The project strives to make the program regions as the most popular sport tourism and recreational centers. Specific marketing activities and international cross- border sports events will motivate potential visitors to the programs areas as well as stimulate the business development and economic activity.

The project aims at targeting different groups of population in the program area such as:

– Professional athletes both individual and teams of different age groups from different sports that will participate in the various sport events of the program partners

– Amateur athletes both individual and teams of different age groups that will participate in grassroots and semi-professional sport events of the program partners

– Professional coaches and sport educators that will participate in topic related events such education seminars, conferences and knowledge exchange programs.

– Small and medium enterprises that operate in tourism business in the program area

– Public companies and NGOs that function in sport and tourism sphere in the program area

– Disabled athletes both professional and amateurs, as well as broader audience of such target group that are interested in participation of sport events of such type.

– Local and international tourists of cross- border areas of South-East Finland and Saint-Petersburg (youth, families, elderly people)

– Inhabitants of cross- border areas.

The main beneficiaries of the project will be sport society, tourism entrepreneurs and local authorities of South –East Finland and Saint-Petersburg regions. Organization of sport events and well-being activities will contribute towards the development of new tourism products.

The investments within this project that will be made to develop tourist industry create new sport tourism products and improve the cooperation between the actors in this field. Promoting sport tourism will benefit in long – term perspective. 

The growth will have a positive effect on local business and will bring more life to tourism.  It will increase returns, profitability and employment in all cross- border regions.

As a result, Vector Sport project will make the significant input towards development of international tourism sector and attract business to operate in program areas.

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